milling machine factory

maize milling machine factory design, which have the truck scale,silo,and storeage ,which construction
fast,and investment low

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Compact Flour Mill Design

Compact flour mill design,construction quickly,and easily, low investment the flour mill and maize mill can running very soon.

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milling plant design

with the flour storage,and milling worker office,,we can do the maize milling factory design according to the client plot.

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Designed with your investment in mind and Accessible to all kind of entrepreneurs

Whether you are a farmer looking to move further up the food supply chain or a miller seeking new and cost effective ways of producing nutritious, high quality maize meal, Dabao machines is the mill for you. Compact, easy to start-up and requiring minimal resources to operate.

Break free from the restraints of the current economic situation by opening-up to new markets with high quality maize meal. By producing maize meal with Dabao Machines, you provide your community with an alternative, accessible source of highly nutritional food, which will ultimately boost the local economy.

Dabao Machinery provides high quality platform for the employees, implement scientific management mode, pay attention to mining and play employees' personal potential, pursuit win-win interests of employee and company's, make efforts to create a first-class team with passion, aggressiveness, pioneering spirit and harmonious upward.